What This Zoo Does To This Beautiful Animal Will Bring You To Tears. When The Zoo Was Investigated…HORRIFIC!

An undernourished  Sumatran tiger, whose plight highlighted horrific conditions at an Indonesian zoo, has died a year after being rescued from the centre where hundreds of animals have perished.

Pictures of painfully thin tigress Melani in an overgrown enclosure, with her fur matted and dull, caused shock when they were published last year and increased calls for action to be taken against Surabaya zoo.

It has been dubbed the “death zoo” as so many animals have died there prematurely in recent years because of neglect.

The catastrophic conditions are known for years. Already in 2002, it was revealed that neither management nor nurses have sufficient training. This bear suffers from horrible skin diseases, caused by incorrect posture. Without treatment, he lives out his painful existence in a tiny, filthy cage.

Since 2010, the zoo is under the direction of the state, which is why many long-time employees were fired and replaced by unskilled seasonal workers. This has further aggravated the situation. This camel just gets probably the 1st meal in a long time. His bones are sticking out through his skin.

Elephants are very social, intelligent animals. In Surabaya Zoo they are kept on hard concrete surfaces and chained to 3 feet. Their chains cut into their feet causing septic wounds.

Other animals are so emaciated that they can no longer move. The animals are systematically detained in a tiny space and have no way to behave naturally.

In this photograph taken on March 1, 2012, Surabaya Zoo personnel attend to a 30-year-old ailing giraffe named Kliwon. The last remaining giraffe in the zoo died with 20 kilograms of plastic found in its stomach, the latest in a string of unusual animal deaths at the country’s biggest zoo.

The increase has come completely out of control in many animals. This bare enclosure is heavily overpopulated and has no employment opportunities. The animals spend their lives in filth, hunger and monotony.

Other animals, however, can only dream of society. Several orangutans languish in rusty cages there, so small that a responsible and informed pet owner would not even keep a pet rabbit in it.

No lining, no water, no climbing or hiding places: Whatever the weather, the animals breed in their cells.

What this lonely hippo serving as an external enclosure, is just a baseless impertinence.

This bird enclosure contains over 150 pelicans all living in filth.

The press calls the place only “Zoo of Death.” With its most famous victim of the Surabaya Zoo remains true: The Lion Michael was just 18 months old when he gets caught on a dangerous wire and choked. Even before the police arrive, they hide the body in order to prevent an investigation.

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