Woman snaps pic of cop holding 4-year-old. What she sees when they sit down has thousands in tears

You might not expect a lunch at Burger King to be a meal you’d never forget, but that was certainly the case for ElizaBeth Hoskinson Gross and her daughter JadeLynn. According to Tara Murphy, a friend of Hoskinson Gross’, 4-year-old JadeLynn wanted nothing more than to take a cop out to lunch for her birthday. Murphy reached out to a friend of hers and made the dream come true.
“I was allowed to witness one of the most beautiful acts of kindness I think I have ever seen today,” Murphy recounted in a Feb. 21, 2016, Facebook post. That’s all thanks to Clarksburg Police Officer Markie Waggamon, who went above and beyond the call of duty in this instance. He showed up to his lunch date with a bag of gifts for JadeLynn.

“There is nothing more beautiful that seeing a child’s eyes light up and seeing their dream come true,” Murphy remarked in her post. Family and friends chimed in to express how touched they were by the West Virginia officers’ actions.

Waggamon and JadeLynn had a nice chat over their meal. He footed the bill, even though the 4-year-old insisted on paying.

Afterward, JadeLynn opened gifts. Hoskinson Gross noted in a social media post of her own that the officer even let her daughter sit in his car. “Not only did he help celebrate her birthday but he helped her learn how brave police officers are,” the mother said.
It was a lunch date that none of the involved parties will soon forget, especially little JadeLynn. Perhaps the 4-year-old has a future in law enforcement.


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