This Woman Thought This Rod Kept Her Door Secure. What A Security Expert Shows Her? SCARY…

When it comes to navigating your town at night, women’s safety depends on what actions they take. Preventative measures can greatly increase your safety and they’re easy to do!

Whether you’re trying to prevent a snatch-and-grab or worse, the safety tips we’re sharing with you here can help. Scroll down to learn to be safer.


When you’re rolling your shopping cart out of the grocery store to your car, where do you keep your purse? If it’s in the basket near the handlebars, a thief could easily snatch and grab it. Not only will they get all your cash and credit cards, they’ll also have your driver’s license and therefore know your address.


Instead, keep your purse strapped out in front of you. Keep your keys out and ready and put away your phone. Electronic devices distract you from danger.

During the day, park near the cart rack because it deters criminals due to the high activity.

When you are pulling into your garage at night, point your mirrors to the ground. You will be able to catch any sneak trying to get in.

Always lock the door from your garage to your home and keep lights on at night.

Crooks love lurking in the dark looking in at you. Keep your window blinds shut.

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Want more safety tips for women? Watch the video below!