While Shopping In Walmart, She Felt Something Tickling Her Leg. When She Looks Down? UNFATHOMABLE

It is true that the people you find shopping at Walmart may seem a bit weird sometimes, however you wouldn’t expect to be assaulted or harassed right?

When you are shopping for food, the last thing you would expect is somebody to be creeping in your personal space, however such an invasion of privacy is not all that uncommon, and this is just another incident.

A South Carolina woman was violated and harassed at a Walmart on March 31 located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina inside the store.  She had no idea such a thing was going on until she felt something brush her leg.

The woman who was wearing a skirt noticed that a man had stuck a cellphone under her skirt, and as trying to take pictures.

The woman was wearing shorts under her skirt, but was nevertheless rightfully disturbed and immediately contacted the management at the supermarket.

Management followed the man to his car, which the described as a silver 2005 Ford Explorer with the South Carolina license plate: U30062

The man looked like he was in his early 4o’s with a stocky build.

Unfortunately, this type of incident is not all that uncommon.  One man was reportedly taking pictures from under another woman’s skirt in a Walmart in 2015 in Oklahoma.  Police were unable to track him down.

What do you think of this type of incident?  Many think there should be much harsher punishments for this type of crime and invasion of privacy.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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