While Babysitting Her Kid, He Accidentally Pocket Dials Her. What She Hears On The Other End? HORRID


When it comes to crimes, crimes against childrenare the most despicable. These young humans don’t deserve to be treated cruelly. They are innocent and have not been on earth long enough to know how to properly respond to the acts of violence or malice they must endure. Depraved adults or those lacking self-esteem or confidence, often take their anger out on young children because they are less able to defend themselves. Another adult would fight back but a child is too small to fight. It’s a similar reason weak men hit women – to feel strong.

Some people have committed some truly horrible crimes against children recently including one married couple who filmed and distributed an adult video with a 1-month-old infant

While this story might not be as sick and disturbing as that or the one about the West Virginia couple begging to sell their baby for $500, we are glad there will be one fewer child abuser walking around this country since he has been arrested and is facing charges.

Mom trusted a man to watch over her toddler.

But when he accidentally butt-dialed the mother, she heard the baby screaming as the man savagely abused the toddler.

Now the criminal has been charged with felony child abuse because he was caught in the act of abusing the kid when he accidentally called the victim’s mother.

The unnamed child was at the home of John Elias Taylor III, when the man began doing the unthinkable to the little one.

While hurting the toddler, Taylor accidentally sat on his phone which called the child’s mother, police Capt. Marty Griffin explained.

When mom picked up the phone, she heard her toddler begin 27-year-old Taylor to stop whipping him.

Mom did the right thing. She immediately called the police and rushed back to Taylor’s property to rescue her baby boy.

“He had some bruising in places he shouldn’t have had it,” Griffin said.

When the mother told authorities what she had overheard on the phone call and showed the police the bruises on her boy’s body, Taylor was promptly arrested and thrown in jail.

As last reported on Sunday, Taylor is in Harrison County Jail where he is held on a $50,000 bond set by Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain, who doesn’t treat child abusers lightly.

Usually butt-dialing results in a long and garbled voice message that is later deleted. Thankfully, this child abuser sat on his phone and notified the baby’s mother that he was hurting the child. If that hadn’t have happened, the criminal might have gotten away with the unthinkable crime.

Thankfully mom had the gall and wherewithal to notify police. It’s unclear what Taylor’s relationship was to the child’s mother. Sometimes if a boyfriend or husband abuses a child, mothers don’t speak up because they love the man and don’t want him to get in trouble. We applaud this baby’s mom for taking right action and ensuring that her baby remained safe no matter what consequences Taylor may face.

How do you think this child abuser should be punished?

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