Which Haircut Best Fits Your Face?

The haircut which suits you best is defined by the shape of your face. Today we’re going to show you tips on how to find the perfect haircut according to the shape of your face.Which Haircut Best Fits Your Face

Straight hair, round face

The ideal haircut for this type of face is a shoulder length haircut. It will elongate your face quite a bit, while the thick fringe bangs will emphasize your cheekbones.

Straight hair, square face

The shoulder length haircut suits a square face best. Go for soft and layered haircut which will hide your jawline, and in order to visually reduce your big forehead, put the bangs from one side to the other.

Straight hair, heart-shaped face

If your face is heart-shaped, you can try some experiments. Try the popular pixie haircut that will highlight your eyes and cheekbones, or the multi-layered bob which will fit you nice as well.

Straight hair, oval face

If your face has an oval shape, you should avoid boring, straight and long hair.

Wavy or curly face, round face

If your face is round, a layered shoulder length haircut is ideal for you. Make sure your haircut is pyramid-shaped to counteract the roundness and to highlight the structure of your bones.

Wavy or curly hair, square face

Again, the shoulder length haircut is ideal for this type of face as well, but we suggest a couple of short wisps falling through your forehead.

Wavy or curly, heart-shaped face

Go for a layered haircut to balance the hair length with the lock of hair.

Wavy or curly hair, oval face

A layered haircut works best for this type of face.


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