What This Boy Did To His Cousin Was So Sickening That His Own Mom Turned Him In To Police

A 14-year-old boy who raped his 8-year-old cousin and threatened her with a pair of scissors will be tried as an adult in Maryland. Read on for more details!

A 14-year-old boy who threatened his 8-year-old cousin with a pair of scissors before brutally raping her will be tried as an adult in Maryland.

According to CBS News, Solomon Pule’s mother says she went to put her 2-year-old son down for a nap and when she returned, the house was alarmingly quiet.

The unnamed mother reportedly asked Solomon and his cousin to straighten up a room downstairs, but instinctively knew something was wrong.

The moment she walked into the room, Solomon’s mother saw her son raping his younger cousin.

In a later interview with police, Solomon’s mother also recalled seeing a pair of scissors on a loveseat next to the two children.

During her own interview with investigators, Solomon’s cousin said the violent boy threatened to cut her with the scissors if she tried to make any noise.

“He told me if I was to scream that he was going to cut me,” the terrified little girl told police. “He shoved his thing in me.”

After seeing what her son had done, Solomon’s mother reportedly told the Baltimore City Police about the rape immediately.

Officials have now confirmed that Solomon will be tried as an adult for first and second-degree rape, even though he’s only 14.

This means that Solomon, if found guilty of the charges against him, may spend the rest of his life in prison.