VIDEO: This Trucker Had A Bad Feeling. So He Hits Record. Now Keep Your Eye On The Black Car. YIKES

Most Americans have been taught to drive defensively, not offensively. This is because you never know what other drivers are going to do, and predicting their moves can be near to impossible!

We share the road with strangers every day. One main concern of mant is driving at night when there are potentially other drivers on the road who are intoxicated or too sleepy to focus on driving at night.

Highway driving is entirely different than driving on side or main roads throughout towns and cities though. There are less factors to pay attention too, like stop lights and stop signs.


The dangerous thing about driving on the highway, or freeway, is that the average speed is much higher, so if cars accidentally come in contact with each other, the impact will be much much stronger.

This one astounding video of a very determined driver keeping his place on the road blew my mind.

One car tried to merge into the left lane in front of this big eighteen-wheeler truck. The truck driver had a camera set up that was recording his drive for some unknown reason.

The car was allowed to pass in front of the truck and entered the left lane. The gap between this car and the huge truck expanded quickly as the car sped up.

A second car tried to enter the left lane as well and what happened next was quite shocking.

The giant truck kept its speed as the car tried to gain momentum and get in front.

In the lane that the car was trying to exit, there was another large truck in front, so the car soon ran out of space!

The truck made contact with the little car and for a moment, the car can be seen being moved entirely sideways at a high speed on the furthest inside lane.

Eventually, the car was able to straighten itself out and make it over to the break down lane.

If you want to see the crazy video of the truck hitting the merging car, you can check it out down below, and let us know if you have ever encountered a highway situation like that in the comments!




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