VIDEO: This Baby Is Set Down Outside The Stall. Now Watch Who Comes To Rock The Baby. NO WAY!

When you think of a good babysitter, a responsible teenage girl probably comes to mind. Someone who knows how to make lunch, change a diaper, and is also eager to please as well as earn some honest money.

But when you’re looking to call a baby sitter for Saturday night, the last thing that would come to mind is a horse. However, after you watch this clip, you’ll understand why a lot of French-speaking people are going crazy about this amazing horse and baby video.

In the clip, which has since gone viral thousands of times over, the horse is seen rocking the baby back and forth in order to soothe the infant into a relaxed sleep – just like the best, responsible baby sitters would try to do.

Want to see what has the internet excited? Check out the clip below and see why mom decided she can finally fire the babysitter!

On A Facebook page called, Equidia – La Chaîne du Cheval, which is a French organization that focuses on horses and horse racing, the virial video has become very popular.

While originally published in French, thevideo caption translates to “[VIDEO OF THE DAY] Need a babysitter tonight? The mare of our fan, Tracy Lega, offers its services. Thank you to her for this video;) #tropcute.”

When the video starts, you’ll see a baby in a carrier on the floor of a horse stable. The infant starts crying.

But the horse doesn’t want the baby to be uncomfortable, so it reaches its head over the stall and down to the carrier. From there, it uses its snout to rock the baby back and forth soothing the child.

Since being uploaded onto Facebook, the video has received more than 1.2 million views and counting.

Most commentators think the video is absolutely adorable. We here at simply have to agree. It’s about the cutest thing we’ve seen in a long time.

Other people, like Arlette Weerts, who have experience with horses, claim that these four-legged animals are extremely friendly to kids and babies.

“I had a horse who was biting and shooting everything that came too close to him, but when my 3-Year-old girl was coming towards him he went right from the bottom of her box, bent over and he was cozying up to the head! Later, in 6-7 years, my daughter is sleeping in the box in the legs of his mare.”

While Weerts and many others are all for this baby-horse interaction. Others are a little more cautious and for good reason. Horses are huge animals that could easily and accidentally cause grave harm to an infant like the baby in the clip.

“Wow, as long as danger does not knock on the door, it’s okay,” Grace Mamom wrote.

Perhaps too many parents are afraid for their kids to face any kind of risk. This can make them soft and inexperienced.

What’s your reaction? Should mom have let the horse get this close to the baby? Is the video just plain cute and that’s it?

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