VIDEO: She Went To The Beach 9 Months Pregnant. But What Happens Moments After This Photo? WHOA!

Every woman who watches this beautiful pregnant woman on the beach in the video below will be nodding their heads along. Men just won’t be able to understand the strange, surreal feeling it is to have a little person growing in their belly.

Because her baby isn’t quite due yet, Nicole decides she wants to take a trip to the beach and enjoy summer weather before her life drastically changes.

Her friends are with her on the sand when they notice it. The baby is kicking and twisting and turning inside mom’s belly. They don’t waste a second. They grab their cameras and start recording. Check out what they got on film.

“A couple weeks before the due date but let’s see if you can watch baby Giselle moving in here,” the friend filming says.

Nicole is deep in her pregnancy so her baby is really growing fast now. She’s super energetic and eager to get out.

Apparently mom and daughter share the same passion. They’re in love with the warm beach weather.

“She’s enjoying the sunshine,” says the mom-to-be. “She likes the beach!”

Mom couldn’t be more right. Perhaps, the beach is the first place they should take her when she’s born.

For the first 40-seconds of the video, it’s hard to see the baby moving. But then the kicks become apparent.

The other little baby boy who is enjoying the beach is really interested in the unborn, moving baby. He stays close and wants to get on camera too.

Other viewers just aren’t impressed.

“I was expecting a periscope to pop up out of her belly button,” Don Palmer wrote.

“That’s actually pretty common for the baby to do that deep into pregnancy,” Ivan Herring wrote.

So if it’s common for a baby to kick and squirm around, why does it happen?

Starting between weeks 14 and 26 of pregnancy, women can begin to feel the kicks and movements within their womb. But on average it doesn’t happen until about week 18 to week 22. But one thing is for certain, the movement inside the womb starts in the second trimester. Not the first!

Unfortunately, your baby is most likely to be active during the night. When you’re up and about at day, you actually lull the baby to sleep with your movements. This ensures that you’ll be woken up and notice the kicks when you start settling down for the night.

But that’s not the only time you can feel these kicks. You might also feel them after you have a snack. Because there’s a surge in blood sugar levels, your baby will get a big rush of energy.

You can also encourage your baby to kick when you’re nervous or when you get a boost of adrenalin. It’s hard for your baby to keep still when they’ve got that pumping through their blood.

We’re not sure what exactly caused Nicole’s unborn child to kick so much during their beach visit, but maybe it was the snack.

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