VIDEO: She Took Her Baby To The ER When He Couldn’t Breathe. What Doctors Pull From His Throat? OMG

As you’ll see in the shocking video below, a baby almost died after swallowing a wrist watch.

Fortunately, he was rushed to the hospital in time for the doctors and medical staff to pry the metallic item from his throat letting him breathe once again.

Watch the horrifying moment in the video below!

It took a few moments for the boy’s parents to realize he was “struggling to breathe.” But when the truth hit home, they quickly rushed him to the hospital.

Fortunately, the doctors were much quicker to act. They reached down the boys throat and loosened the jammed timepiece just enough to pull it out and save his life.

Because of their professional skill, there was no “lasting damage” to the boy’s throat or lungs. His parents could not have been happier.

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