VIDEO: She Is Enjoying Her Day Wakeboarding. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Water To The Right…

On a clear blue morning, the Pro-Windsurf La Ventana team decided to take their boat out on the water. Little did they know the Gulf of California- the Sea of Cortez would have a surprise in store for them.

Everything was going smoothly, the boat was running great, everyone was happy to strip off their responsibilities for the morning and enjoy themselves out in the ocean. They partook in a variety of water activities and decide to go wake boarding. This difficult activity came at ease to the young woman on the board.

The sun beams down on all each with a plastered smile across their faces. That’s when the young woman notices the creatures below.

The man in the video completely predicts what will happen with their newly shot footage. “We’re going to make a YouTube sensation” he remarks to the camera woman, “keep filming”.

The sight is truly amazing, seeing so many dolphins gracefully surround the woman without pushing her off.  The scene looks like it was something straight out of a movie.

Dolphins are very communicative animals, and are playful as well, which proves to provide a great experience for man and beast to interact on an elevated level.

Watch below for the incredible discovery that the young woman makes before the camera detects what’s going on.


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