VIDEO: I’ve Been To A Lot Of Weddings, But Never Have I Ever Seen Anything Like THIS Happen…

We all know how fun weddings can be, but the best part is that there are so many different kinds of weddings!

Lots of weddings are given some kind of structure by religious and/or cultural traditions.

One wonderful wedding, for the joining of Roisin and her new husband Jason, had a grand performance at the end.

Roisin had all of her bridesmaids wear rather unorthodox dresses for bridesmaids. They were dressed in short, neon green dresses with pretty black tights and tap shoes.

The Irish Step Dance that these ladies put on was a stunning sight. They are all young and gorgeous women who spent many many hours rehearsing this dance routine for the lovely Roisin’s big day!


When they move their feet in such a sophisticated pattern, it’s hard to focus on anything else but their ever-moving legs. It’s also easy to see how much work goes into the formation at every point in the show.

The girls start out in a vertical line that then changes to a V shape, then back into a line that is horizontal.

There’s an adorable moment where all of the bridesmaids stop their dancing and make way for the star of the show herself to come onto the dance floor.

Once the bride is on the floor doing an impressive Irish Step Dance of her own, the bridesmaids start dancing all around her in a circle.

Next, her new husband comes out on the dance floor and preforms an amazing Irish Step Dance that seems different than what the ladies have been doing.

Then comes the best part: the couple’s combined dance. They are so cute in the way they hold each other and dance around for the whole audience.

To see this lovely performance, check out the video below, and let us know your favorite part of the dance!


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