VIDEO: I Didn’t Think It Was Possible, But How He Picks A Lock With Just A Soda Can? WARNING…

We all use padlocks in our daily lives. Whether if it’s for our chain-link fence, gym locker, or various things we want to keep safe in our garage, metal padlocks keep things secure. Don’t they?

As you’re about to see in this video, your locks aren’t protecting you as much as you think they are. If a thief only needs an empty soda can to get into your belongings, home security just isn’t safe enough.

When you click play below, you’ll see that he has an all-metal padlock and an empty soda can.

If you found this video, a criminal might have too! Your padlocks are not safe anymore…

He cuts the top off the can then he cuts a slit down the side of the can and cuts off the bottom.

Once the top and bottom are cut off the can, you’ll be left with a strip of aluminum. Straighten it out by rubbing it against the edge of the table.

Cut the strip into pieces about two-finger-lengths wide.

Because the lock in the video is a double-sided lock, he cuts a V-shape into the center of one strip. Then he folds both sides up so there is a single piece hanging down the middle. See this at the 1:40-mark in the clip. Then he rounds the bottom part. Repeat so you have two.

Insert the shim into the top of the lock on one side. Then turn it to the right. Once you hear a click, repeat on the other side.

As you’ll see the empty soda can opens the padlock in seconds.

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