VIDEO: He Had A Bad Feeling, So He Sets Up A Hidden Camera. What He Catches His Wife Doing? OOPS!

In order to boost his home security, an unsuspecting husband installed a security camera in his kitchen. But he got a lot more on video than he expected when a plumber came to fix his kitchen sink

When the angry husband reviewed the video footage later, he had all the right to call his divorce attorney after what he caught his wife doing. See why below!

In the clip, the plumber is working under the sink near the washing machine.

His wife walks into frame. She is wearing a flimsy skirt. And to make matters worse, she hikes it up so the workers can get an eyeful!

As the plumber lays on the floor, the woman stands right over the man’s head giving him a perfect view of what’s underneath her skirt. She obviously wants him to take a look!

When she thinks he’s not looking, the wife pulls her skirt up even higher revealing more of her butt for the plumber to gaze at.

How is this man supposed to work while another husband’s wife is busy trying to seduce him?

At the 1:45-mark, the plumber lies on his back as he reaches under the sink to work on it.

The wife seizes the opportunity to reveal more of her private parts to the contractor. She stands right over him flaunting her bare legs in his face.

Do you think this woman’s husband should call up the divorce attorney?

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