Video: Having Ignored The Problem For Weeks, She’s Had Enough And Grabs A Pair Of Tweezers

Some people get a thrill from chewing their fingernails or even gnawing on the loose skin that surrounds the nail bed. Some, get a kick off of popping the occasional zit. They thrive on watching that zit come to a head, as the puss hits the mirror they are standing in front of. And some people even get hooked on plucking their eyebrows, pulling away aggressively at the tiny hairs that separate the eyes from the forehead. We all have out secret little habits, some worse than others.

But, one trending video takes the world of body plucking and zit popping to a whole new level. Apparently black heads, also known as a comedo, is a clogged hair follicle or pore in the skin. Skin debris that mixes with oil cause the follicle to be blocked. The end result is a blackhead, if it is open and it is considered a white head if it is closed by the skin. Both blackheads and whiteheads are typically found on the face, especially in the region on and surrounding the nose where oil tends to gather. But, apparently, these unattractive balls of oil can also be spotted inside a bellybutton. And if not tended to right away, the zit will continue to grow.

In the video below, one unfortunate person had the unenjoyable job of having to pluck an overgrown blackhead zit from inside their bellybutton. Warning: this video is only for those who do not have a weak stomach.

Using a pair of tweezers, the blackhead victim, goes to work picking away at the dried up black ball that sits smack in the middle of her bellybutton. We don’t see a face, but we can assume, the woman talking (and plucking) is female. She seems fairly relaxed about the process as she carries on and digs deeper and deeper. Until of course, the zit is completely removed from her flesh and placed on a table nearby. The end result is a massive zit that has black hairs sprouting from it.

It’s unknown as to what caused the development of such a growth inside a location that is fairly abnormal for zits to appear. But, both the patient and the person who seems to be watching the procedure unfold, should be credited for having very strong stomachs. After the big removal, the two of them are heard laughing. The aftermath of the bellybutton trauma doesn’t appear to be too bad, as the button looks to be in tact and free of any type of discharge or blood.

It can be assumed that if this hadn’t been tended to, the patient could end up with a treacherous infection. But, it’s a lesson to us all…as we now know that blackhead zits can appear just about anywhere you can imagine. Keep your eyes peeled for the oil clusters that apparently have  a life of their own and grow their own hair follicles. They can make their appearance anywhere there is skin, oil and exposure to air.