These Triplets Agree To Appear On TV. But What Doctors Find On Each Of Their Scans? IMPROBABLE!

Have you ever known siblings who were identical triplets? It’s uncommon enough to know siblings who are identical twins, but an identical triplets sighting can be a rare and astounding occurrence.

In this video, you’ll meet identical triplets Erica, Jaclyn and Nicole. What they have in common—besides their looks—will shock you. What they’re going to do together next will have you talking about this story for days.


On a recent broadcast of “The Doctors,” a syndicated daytime television show focusing on health and wellness topics, identical triplets Erica, Jaclyn and Nicole made an unbelievable announcement. All three sisters are pregnant at the same time.

The show’s staff of doctors—which includes Travis Lane Stork, Andrew P. Ordon, Rachael Ross, Jennifer Berman, and Jennifer Ashton—were joined by the sisters and their husbands onstage to perform an ultrasound. Everyone had the same question on their minds: Will these triplets, who are all pregnant at the same time, each have triplets as well?

Can you imagine? Nine babies all born within 1 month of each other! When each of the triplets was asked if they would want to have triplets themselves, they each responded with a resounding NO! Ha ha ha.

And, of course, you have to ask, if these identical triplets’ had triplets, what are the odds that that those babies could be identical? (We actually have the answer to that mind bending mathematical quandary below.)

You’ll have to watch the video to see what these identical sisters found out about their babies. In the meantime, we have some fun facts about triplets to share.

The average birth weight for triplets is four pounds and one ounce.

There is an 80.7 percent chance the triplets will be all fraternal (not identical).

There is a 2.9 percent chance the triplets will be all identical.

And there is an 11.6 percent chance that the triplets will be a combination of identical and fraternal (meaning that some will be identical and some will not.)

Approximately 49.51 percent of triplets are female.
And approximately 49.36 percent of triplets are male.

Australia produced the world’s first test tube twins in June 1981. They are also known for producing the world’s first test tube triplets and test tube quadruplets.

In 1853, a peasant named Kirilow was presented to the empress of Russia as he had been married twice and his wives gave birth to a total of seventy two children—among them four sets of quadruplets, eight sets of triplets and eight sets of twins.

A 1983 study revealed that a mother of six-month-old-triplets expends an average of 197.5 hours per week (out of a possible 168) between herself and paid or volunteer assistance, on the care of her children and home. This figure did not include a time allowance for the mother to bathe, dress, sleep, eat, relax or talk with a partner!

Do you know anyone who is a twin, triplet, quadruplet, or more? Are they identical? How do you think their life is different because of this? Share your thoughts and experiences here.


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