Toddler Rides Down Slide At The Park. When She Stands Up, Mom Sees BLOOD

A 2-year-old girl in the UK had to be hospitalized after cutting her leg on a broken bottle that had been left on a slide at a public park. Keep reading for more details!

A little girl in the UK had to be rushed to the hospital earlier this week after slicing her leg open on a piece of broken glass on a slide at the park.

Amy Smith’s 2-year-old daughter Demi-Mai was playing on the slide at Kitson Park, Torquay on Sunday when she suddenly hit a broken bottle.

“I was so proud of Demi as she had just learnt to climb up the rope that leads up to the slide,” Smith said. “I helped her up a bit and then she went down the slide. As she reached the bottom she hit the glass which cut her leg.”

Demi-Mai was immediately taken to Torquay Hospital, where she was quickly treated and released without stitches.

Smith now believes the broken glass was deliberately left on the slide by some sick stranger.

“I’m really angry that someone would do that in a children’s play park,” she said, The Sun reported.

Although Demi-Mai is now recovering at home, her mom says she’s in constant pain from the gash in her leg.

“She found the cut to be very sore and is still struggling to walk,” the angry mom said.

Smith now hopes that her daughter’s story can help warn other parents to keep an eye out for dangerous things, such as broken glass, each time they take their kids to the park.


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