American Refugee Has Shocked The World After He Done This To His Daughter…SHOCKING!

A Somali refugee living in America pleaded guilty to beating his 8-month-old daughter to death with an Xbox controller.

The father of three, Ahmed Ibrahim, has alleged mental health problems and an alcohol addiction. After the brutal killing, he was sentenced to prison for 12-years.

But the reason he killed his baby will infuriate you!

While Ibrahim’s wife worked the night shift as a baggage handler at the Seattle airport, dad smashed his daughter’s skull with the video game controller fracturing it.

Ibrahim claims he can’t remember beating his daughter to death.
“The last thing I remember is that I put my baby to sleep and woke up to the nightmare,” he said, according to Seattle Pi.
When his wife returned from work, she found Ibrahim asleep on the couch with his daughter, Nawal Hussein, on his chest.

When mom picked the baby up, her skin was cold.

Besides her skull fracture, the girl also had wounds on her mouth and body.

Investigators matched the wounds to the shape of an Xbox controller.

Later, Ibrahim changed to a guilty plea on second-degree murder. That’s when his defense team ordered a psychiatric evaluation.

That’s when the murderer claimed he confused reality with a video game.

“It is my opinion that he was in the throws of a psychotic process at the time that Nawal died,” Dr. Seth Cohen wrote. A fantasy video game, “’Destiny’ had become Mr. Ibrahim’s reality, and any possible violent behavior on his part at that time would have been a reflection of the warfare he was involved with in the context of the ‘Destiny’ battlefield,” according to the Seattle Times.

Besides being thrown in jail for 12 years, the judge also banned the father from any further contact with his living children.

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