This Math Riddle Is ‘Breaking The Internet’ – Did You Get It Right?

Math is hard for all of us from time to time – but this tricky problem is proving more difficult than most Internet users can handle! Are you one of the select few mathematics whizzes who can solve it on their first try? Grab a pencil and paper, and give it a try for yourself!

The solution all has to do with the acronym “PEMDAS.” Most people learn this in elementary or middle school as “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” – but it actually stands of the order of operations when it comes to math problems. You’ll start with parentheses (if there are any), then move onto exponents, multiplication, division and finally addition and subtraction.

So begin with the “1 x 0” and move on through the order of operations from there! Once you’re finished, you should come out with a total of 29! Is that what you got on your first time? Let us know how you did by leaving a note in the Facebook comments section – that way you can see how you did compared to the rest of the world!