This Looks Like A Normal Family Photo. Then I See What’s Below The Girl On The Right. DEVASTATING

Most of us tend to live our lives on a day to day basis without thinking about the potential bad things that can happen. Worrying leads to anxiety and bad feelings that don’t always need to be given attention.

However, sometimes the worst case scenario does happen and that’s when people need their family and friends the most.

The worst case scenario is exactly what happened for the Waite family about eight years ago. They experienced the loss of their daughter Camille Waite.

Little Camille was only two years old when she somehow managed to climb out of her high chair and make her way all the way outside.

She tragically fell into the family’s pool and drowned before anyone could notice or help her.

They say that it’s impossible to ever fully recover from the death of your child, but Camille’s parents have taken their grief and turned it into a positive thing.

Every year, instead of mourning the death of their baby girl, the Waite family spreads positivity and random acts of kindness to celebrate her life.

The mother, Stephanie Waite describes this wonderful tradition as a way to give Camille’s life a bigger purpose. This way, the family still remembers the beautiful child’s life at the same time that they are improving the lives of people around them.

There is no level or severity to the random acts of kindness that the Waites practice; it could be anything from paying for someone else’s meal to just braiding your sister’s hair for her.

If you want to see the wonderful video, check it out below and let us know what you thought of the gesture in the comments.


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