This Couple’s Baby Died 9 Hours After Delivery & They’re Going to Jail


Shannon Hickman and Dale are 30-year old grieving parents. A judge rejected an appeal produced by the few, stating again they might have done to save their son last week.

 Their son David was born early with a staph infection and undeveloped lungs he had gotten from his mom while she was pregnant. After having having difficulty breathing and turning blue, he died.

The Hickmans are equally members of a faith healing church in Oregon which is clouded in controversy.

Through the couple’s 2011 test, a physician testified that infant David would have experienced a “99% chance” of living had the few called 911 or a physician. Staphylococcus pneumonia, which may happen to be treated was formally expired of by the infant.

Mr Hickman said because he was praying he did not call 911. The few never contemplated taking the infant to the hospital, prosecutors stated. Instead, the sickly infant was anointed by them with oils. Shannon Hickman stated that she’d no option however to do as her husband stated because of church guidelines.

The Hickmans’ conviction on second-degree manslaughter costs normally takes a mandatory minimum term of six years in jail, but as a result of religious exemption in-state legislation which had not expired in 2011, they might simply get a $250,000 great. and 18 months in jail

She’d an increase that may have made her blind in a single eye – and these were were sentenced to 90 days in prison.


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