This Baby Is Upset. Now, Watch How The Dog Takes Control Of The Situation – Hilarious!

Could it be sibling rivalry, or could it be that the little pup just wants some peace and quiet? Either way, it is clear that this dog knows how things go around here – babies cry. A lot. There’s got to be a way to work the system. At first it seems like the pup is unsure what to do as he stares adorably into the camera.

Meanwhile, baby cries away! As the little dog turns around, it seems like he just has enough of the crying sometimes. So he comes up with his own way of taking care of the noise – and it seems to work out pretty well. Watch the hilarious scene as the dog turns back around to face the baby.

He knows how to keep a baby entertained! It would be nice if there were more ways of calming down crying babies that work as well as this one. But even if there isn’t, the interaction between these two cute friends is enough to keep everyone else chuckling and smiling.


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