They Demanded She Takes Down This God Bless America Sign. How This Store Owner Responds? BRILLIANT!

It seems that in today’s time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to put up patriotic signs and symbols without receiving hate from at least some portion of the public or media.

There can be somebody flying an American flag, and getting judged by many around him because of the way that people are starting to view patriotism in our country today.


expression of patriotism, some bolster the want to put up patriotic signs, such as some legislation that does not allow commercial businesses to fly banners for more than three weeks out of the year.

In Penfield NY, there is a law, like in many towns, that does not allow business owners to fly banners for more than three weeks out of the year. While this law does serve its purpose of protecting the surrounding environment from overbearing advertisements, many people are starting to think that it should not be applied to all banners,  such as one that Jennifer Aquino tried to fly.

After the shooting in Orlando, Florida, Aquino wanted to put up a sign on her small cafe that said “God Bless America” to show her love and support for our country, because as she put it, in these times a little blessing for our country is needed.

Aquino’s little hot spot named 5 Miles Cafe was flying the banner when she was told by the town that she had to take it down, but not due to the fact that it was offensive.

As it had turned out, Aquino had used up her three weeks out of the year to fly any sort of banner outside of her little place, and so this was technically against the rules.  She was told that it was illegal, and would have to pay a fine as a result of it.

Aquino could not accept this as the end result for her wanting to show her patriotism, so she said that she would keep the banner up, and pay any fines that are needed because she wants her freedom of speech to express her love for our country.

As a result, her business has received an overwhelming amount of letters and support, with people even offering to pay the fines that she would incur from having the banner above her restaurant.

As Aquino put it, “It’s against my First Amendment rights. People need to open up their eyes. If we start letting them tell us we can’t do this – it’s going to get worse.”

The board heard her complaint, and said that she would be allow to hang up the banner for one day on July 4th, but after that is required to take it down once again in order to follow jurisdiction.  As the town put it, if everybody was always flying banners, it could be chaos and rules are needed or the town would be ruined.

What do you think of this situation?   Should she be allowed to hang up the patriotic banner whenever she wants?  Let us know in the comments below.


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