The Term Test Tube Baby Comes To Mind Here. Why This Child Is Stuck In This…UNREAL!

Here’s The Shocking Reason More And More Parents Are Stuffing Their Kids In This Contraption…

What’s the first thing you need to do when getting an X-ray? Hold still. Well, for babies who aren’t too interested in taking orders, taking an X-ray can be a challenging task.

But the strangest way to keep a baby still during the procedure has just surfaced online. The photo, which looks like a baby stuffed in a test tube or blender, went viral overnight. Scroll down for MORE!

The baby, with all expression wiped from his face, has become the center of a heated debate. Many viewers think it does look like a blender while others think he is part of some science-fiction experiment.

But the truth explains a lot…

This baby is inside a “Pigg-O-Stat” which is a device that keeps babies from squirming around while the doctor is trying to take an X-ray.

After the photo was first posted on Reddit, it racked up more than 3,000,000 views and 2,000 comments.

One of the most informed commenters wrote, “As an X-ray tech, I have never used this. Also, if a kid is being that calm in the Pigg-o-stat, they don’t need to be in the pigg-o-stat….”

Some jaded parents said they plan to keep the photo for their records to quickly answer their kids question about where babies come from.

According to the Pigg-O-Stat website, the device helps keep infants immobile. Here’s their take:

“The Pigg-O-Stat is an all-in-one pediatric immobilization device designed for positioning infants and young children for an appropriate x-ray without significant complications.”


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