The Rooster Was Too Afraid To Enter The Chicken Coop At Night. When I Found Out Why? DEVASTATING

You’d never guess it from his name but Poodle Roo is the man of the house. But he’s not a poodle or a kangaroo, he’s a rooster. The bird lives on the Apricot Lane Farms in California and has a pretty easy going existence compared to many otherchickens forced to produce eggs for Costco or thosebutchered for Tyson or Purdue.

But for months Poodle Roo exhibited some extremely strange behavior. Every night, when all the other rooster would return to the chicken coop for the night, Poodle Roo would stay outside in the field by himself. The owners would have to go out looking for him in order to bring him back to safety.

With all the danger that could be lurking outside in the field at night including predators who would be more than happy to gobble up Poodle Roo, why was he doing it? His owners were baffled…

Poode Roo’s quirky routine was such a mystery, documentary filmmaker John Chester paid a visit to Apricot Lanes Farms to help figure out the answer. The farmers hired Chester because they just needed to get to the bottom of it and help Poodle Roo get a much-needed full night of rest in the safe, and secure chicken coop.

On the first night when Chester came to the farm, Poodle Roo refused to enter the coop as normal. But what happened next left everyone in tears…

As the confident protectors of the flock, roosters need to be brave and brawny. But every time Poodle Roo refused to return to the coop at night, he risked his own life. He couldn’t beat a fox or raccoon in a fight.

Poodle Roo’s owners carried him into the coop to give him one last chance. But in the morning, they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Poodle Roo’s future looked grim. But as it turned out this brave little rooster had so much more fight in him than anyone ever gave him credit for.

The rooster had been beaten and bloodied to a pulp by the other roosters in the coop. None of the other roosters had accepted him into their flock. He was hanging on by a thread.

Chester compiled his shocking footage into a short film that was later picked up by Oprah’s show Super Soul Sunday. That’s where he earned his new nickname, Rising Strong Rooster.

Because the humans had forced the rooster to enter the coop where the bullies lived, he had almost no chance of surviving. All they could do now was pray that their decision to throw him to the wolves wouldn’t kill him. They helped keep him warm so he could recover.

After the attack, the farmers discovered the Poodle Roo had gone partially blind and deaf.

But life for Poodle Roo was about to change once again.

Watch Poodle Roo’s meteoric rise to becoming a better rooster. Despite his setbacks and disabilities, he finds new purpose helping other chickens…wow!

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