The group ordered burgers and were standing waiting, while waiting their server got angry and began to throw…

She was left barely recognisable after boiling hot fat was thrown over her head.
But just under a year later, Hannah Orpin is smiling again after making an incredible recovery.

The scars which she feared would disfigure her face and shoulders are barely visible while her thick chestnut hair has grown back.

Hannah Orpin

Hannah, 21, suffered burns after a burger van worker hurled the boiling fat at her in the premises.

She had been on her way back to Dagenham, in Essex, with her father Les and some friends when they stopped for a snack at the Log Cabin Burger Van in Woodford.

The group ordered burgers and were standing waiting while waiting, when their server Alyssa Wallis began to sarcastically mimic them.
One of Hannah”s friends asked when the food would be ready at which point the 21-year-old waitress “flipped”.

She hurled a burger at the girls and Hannah responded by throwing a small cup of garlic sauce back.

It was at that point that Wallis threw the boiling fat.

“She grabbed the chip basket with the fat inside and swung it at me,” Hannah told the Sunday Mirror.
“It didn”t hurt straight away. I was stunned. Then I was in agony and started screaming.”
Her father leapt from the car and managed to knock a second pot of fat out of Wallis”s hands.

Still screaming in pain, Hannah tried desperately to cool down her face with water from a puddle.
Two RAC workers who were standing nearby saw she was in distress and gave her water from her the tanks.

“Later I was told those could have prevented me from being disfigured for life,” she said. “Oil can keep burning for hours unless is cooled.”

After being rushed to hospital Hannha was treated at Broomfield Hospital”s burns unit in Chelmsford.

Doctors had to shave her head to prevent infection and used creams to assist the healing process.

Wallis appeared in Snaresbrook Crown Curt in Essex in August and received a 12 month suspended sentence after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm.

I can”t believe she got off so lightly,” Hannah said.

Hannah Orpin 3
Miraculous recovery: Hannah Orpin is back to full health after the horrific assault

alyssa wallis
Attacker Alyssa Willis pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm

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