The Government Is Offering A Free Vacation To Anyone Who Can Survive One Night In A Town In Montana

Thrill seekers tend to go to amusement parks and water playgrounds to get their kicks. The summer months, especially, tend to be the time when families, couples and singletons plan their vacations. Typically the destinations consist of places like Disney World, Cape Cod, Six Flags and all those other fun and sunny places. But, what not try taking a vacation outside the box for once and get your thrills by living in a real ghost town.

And the best part is that your room and board and meals are free of charge.

The government is now offering volunteers and visitors to stay in Garnet, Montana for free. What’s the catch you ask?

You just have to be able to make it through the night in the place that is deemed as being home to the most intact ghost town in America. The US government will provide your meals and stay and they just ask that you do a little volunteer work around the property. And, you have to be okay with truly disconnecting-no internet, electricity and running water. Sounds like the perfect way to reconnect with yourself and your family members. Believe it or not, there have been several people have jumped on the opportunity and all slots are filled for the summer, but there are spots open for next year. It is the perfect way to show your children what it was like living in the “olden days.”

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During the day, the property seems like your average town in the boondocks…spooky and a bit eerie, but certainly fun to walk through. It’s nothing to be too scared of.

But as soon as the sun goes down, the spirits awaken.

Looking at the town in photos alone, is enough to get a chill up your spine, but apparently real ghost sighting on the plot of land is a fairly common thing.

The town is nestled in between hills and tucked away at the bottom on a section of land that consists of mostly dirt roads and barren walkways. Several rundown cabins are sprinkled on the hills and three larger, main buildings are alongside the road that goes through the center of town. The crooked structure of the houses appear to be in their original setting and framework and it the view is everything that a quintessential ghost town should be. Each building has several windows. Maybe it’s a way for the ghosts to watch you as your passing by in the middle of the night, or maybe it just serves the purpose of a good ventilation system.

On the inside, random tools, desks and chairs stand in place as if they haven’t been used in years. In the kitchen there are several old pots and pans lying around on kitchen appliances that are as outdated as the rest of the tools on the property.

The place is ideal for parents who are on a mission to teach their children about history and the importance of separating oneself from being connected to technology. And it provides that “cool factor” when they share the ghost stories with their friends back home.