The father suffers from Alzheimer’s. What his son did for him has moved over three million on Facebook.

The 80-year-old Ted McDermott of Great Britain has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for years. “In the last few years his memory has deteriorated a lot — often not recognizing me as his son,” says his son Mac. “It’s a horrible illness. However, now when we’ve got him singing again he’s back in the room. It’s these moments that we treasure.” This Facebook video of the both of them in the car shows how wonderfully his father blossoms when singing:

The senior citizen, with the impressive voice, has loved singing his entire life. Despite his general memory loss, he remembers every word to all of the songs that he used to perform. It seems a part of his identity comes back to life through the music and once again he becomes a spirited man full of life, as he once was. Mac shares videos of his father singing on his own Facebook and YouTube sites. On his fundraising page, the Brit raises donations for the Alzheimer’s Society’s call center, where family members of Alzheimer’s sufferers can call in crisis situations and from whom Ted’s family have often received help. Hopefully we’ll see many more of these heartwarming and healing father-son duets!


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