Teenager Is Kicked Out Of Her Prom Because School Says Dads Found Her Outfit Too Sexy

A Virginia homeschooler was shocked when she got kicked out of her school prom. She had followed the dress code to the letter and was super excited about hanging out with the other kids her age. Since she was a homeschooled child, she didn’t have as much interaction with kids and her prom was a big deal. It was a way for her to meet new friends, extend her social circle, and connect with other Virginia teens before she went off to college.

But her night was cut short when she was kicked out of her dance. And the reason is pretty disturbing. 17-year-old Clare was kicked out of her homeschool prom because a group of dads were lusting after her…

On the blog Wine and Marble, operated by Hannah Ettinger, Clare’s sister, the homeschool senior wrote a guest post about the lecherous incident concerning the fathers chaperoning the dance.

“I showed up at prom with my boyfriend, and I was wearing the really cute silver dress that was fingertip length on me, and on my way in Mrs. D (one of the two ladies organizing the prom this year) stopped me and said, ‘honey, that dress is too short.’ I said, ‘what is the rule?’ she said, ‘fingertip length’ and I put my arms down by my sides and showed her that it was fingertip length. After which she made a face at me and was like, ‘well make sure it stays pulled down, it’s too short.’”

“When I got into the ballroom I laughed, because I was surrounded by girls in much shorter dresses then me, albeit they were shorter, and therefore stood out less in the crowd, but it was still frustrating” recalled Claire. “I joined my group of friends, (there were six of us), and told them what happened, they were all appalled, especially considering we’ve been attending this prom all four years of high school and usually wore much shorter dresses then we chose this year.

“We were also a little grossed out by all the dads on the balcony above the dance floor, ogling and talking amongst themselves.”

“[The organizer] told me that some of the dads who were chaperoning had complained that my dancing was too provocative, and that I was going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.”

Because the fathers couldn’t stop staring at the underage girl, she was kicked out of the dance. This is sexual harassment and should not be tolerated.

“I was told that the way I dressed and moved my body was causing men to think inappropriately about me, implying that it is my responsibility to control other people’s thoughts and drives,” said Claire.

Because she spoke out about the horrible treatment at the prom, the school deleted their prom’s Facebook account since so many people came to Claire’s defense.

“I felt violated by the sheer number of male parents … assigned to watch girls in short dresses and heels dance …. I think that it is sick and wrong that they assigned them to sit on a balcony above us and look down on us.”


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