Teenage mum gives birth to ‘world’s heaviest baby girl’

Nandini’s newborn is believed to have claimed the world record for a girl last set by a baby born in Massachusetts in 2014. Credit: RaajjeeTV/Twitter

A teenage mother has given birth to what is believed to be the heaviest baby girl in history.

The unnamed baby reportedly weighed in at 15 pounds (6.8kg) after being delivered by caesarean section in southern India.

Her 19-year-old mother Nandini, who weighs 14.5 stone and is 5ft 9′, had been unaware she was carrying such a large child.

Doctors described the record-breaking baby as a “miracle” after being born without any apparent health problems.

Venkatesh Raju told local media: “I believe she is not only the heaviest baby born in India but the heaviest baby girl ever born in the world.”

“She does not have any health issues like irregular sugar levels or thyroid and is breathing well,” she said.

The previous record for a female baby was set in 2014 by Carisa Rusack, who weighed 14 pounds and five ounces (6.49kg) at the time of her birth in Massachusetts.

Both girls were still notably lighter than history’s heaviest baby boy, who weighed 22 pounds and eight ounces (10.2kg).

He was born to Carmelina Fedele in Italy in 1955 and remains the holder of the outright Guinness World Record, which does not keep listings by gender.


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