Smoking In Cars With Children Is Illegal Starting October 1, 2016

#1 No More Smoking In Cars With Children

The law, that gets to be compelling on October 1, is to protect children from secondhand smoking. The fine for driver and smoker is up to $80 each.


#2 Thousands Of Chemicals

As indicated by the Department of Health, when a kid breathes in secondhand smoke, they take in a large number of chemicals, much the same as the smoker does. This puts them at danger of serious conditions including tumor, bronchitis, and pneumonia. And it can worsen asthma.


#3 All Private Vehicles

The law applies to any private vehicle that is enclosed wholly or partly by a roof. It still applies if people have the windows or sunroof open, have the air-conditioning on, or if they sit in a parked car with the door open. It doesn’t apply to a convertible car with the roof completely down.


#4 Other Vehicles Have Their Own Rules

Boats, ships, and aircrafts each have their own rules. Work vehicles and public transportation are also not affected, as they already are covered by previous smoke-free legislation. Children are especially vulnerable to secondhand smoking because they breathe more rapidly and have less developed airways, lungs and immune systems.


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