She Went To Bed To Sleep Off A Headache And Woke Up With Strange Marks All Over Her Body


Charlene Colechin remembers the worst night of her life vividly. It all began when she started vomiting uncontrollably. She lost everything that had been in her stomach and as she was kneeling in front of the toilet throwing up, she started to get a splitting headache. When she finally crawled under her sheets, she prayed she would be able to fall to sleep. Her prayers were answered.

But when she woke up the next morning, Colechin discovered something terrifying – her skin was covered in odd, dark spots. She picked up the phone and called her doctors immediately. And when the doctor told her what the marks were really from, Colechin finally realized the extent of the nightmare she was living in…

The hairdresser from Birmington, United Kingdom has undergone a complete transformation over the last few weeks. As she explained in a recent Facebook post, things have gotten worse and worse ever since she started vomiting and dealing with her headache.

That morning when she woke up with spots all over her body, she was rushed to the hospital. But her condition only got worse. She was admitted to a room and put on a ventilator as her vital bodily functions began to fail one by one.

Doctors soon realized they were dealing with meningitis – which is a potentially deadly inflammation of the brain.

Although they had identified the cause, her recovery was going to be anything but easy. At one point the hairdresser actually died and had to be revived – things were nearing the end.

Left without options, doctors had to start by saving her vital organs. They focused on her brain among other essential pieces and were forced to ignore other parts of her body.

Blood flow to her lower extremities was limited and resulted in parts of her body actually dying.

Right now, Colechin knows she is expected to lose her toes. But surgeons think they might need to remove her feet entirely since it seems there is more dead flesh than the doctors initially thought.

Colechin shared the following warning to all of her Facebook followers on Tuesday.


“These are not nice photos but this is the reality of what meningitis can do. I had the worse type of meningitis you can get don’t know how to say if so I’m not going to bother, but it’s bacterial what happening outside of my body was happening inside of my body poisoning my blood. It made all my organs fail which did course me to die but obviously they brought me back but because they were concentrating on reviving the top half of my body they left the bottom half which has coursed my feet to go fucked up especially my toes and now I could be losing them but I am losing my toes for definite.

“Please share this post to raise awareness of how serious meningitis can be and is.”

Because the United Kingdom offers free healthcare to all citizens, Colechin won’t be straddled with a debilitating bill after her amputations like she would in America if she was uninsured.

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