She Was On A Flight With Her Baby When She Heard A Bang Then A Scream. What Happened? WARNING…

While on a flight back home to London from Washington DC, 4-year-old Daisy James got an unexpected surprise. An airbag inside her seat belt exploded in her face.

The hot fumes that filled the bag burned the side of the little girl’s face and left her with intense injuries.

While sitting next to her grandmother mid-flight, the seatbelt airbag suddenly exploded and scarred Daisy’s face, arm, chest, and thigh with burns, cuts, and bruises.

The seat-belt airbag is supposed to protect passengers. When sensors detect an impending crash, the airbag releases up and away from the passenger to protect their torso and head.

In this case, a false alarm resulted only in harm.

Daisy landed in London’s Heathrow airport with her face swollen to three times its normal size.

The paramedics met her at the plane and gave the girl morphine as soon as possible.

Months after the accident, Daisy had nightmares about the incident. That’s when her 38-year-old mother Gillian decided it was time to sue Virgin Airlines.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw Daisy come in to the arrivals area at Heathrow,” Daisy’s mother said “I’m still so angry at what happened.”

The legal battle lasted for four years. But now Virgin has admitted fault and apologized for the accident. Plus, Daisy, now 8, was awarded a five-figure settlement.

“We have investigated the incident thoroughly and can confirm that it was an extremely unusual and isolated incident,” Virgin said in a statement.

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