She Was Driving When She Heard A Loud Bang, Then Felt A Horrible Pain In Her Neck. WARNING…

While driving on I-35 in Austin, Texas, Tina and Kevin Morales had a rock thrown at their car. The projectile burst through their windshield and hit Tina in the neck.

Now, Tina and her husband are issuing a warning to other drivers in Texas. This incident was just one of 41 rock-throwing incidents that happened along the same stretch of road.


Although the rock caused scratches, swelling, and bleeding, Tina wants other commuters to understand the danger on I-35.

“Out of nowhere!,” Kevin said. “We were in the left-hand lane next to the median. Boom – it came through like a missile.”

Tina was stunned.
“I literally thought I got shot. I kept on saying I think someone shot me in the neck, someone shot me in the neck,” she said.

Tina and Kevin’s incident was unique because it didn’t happen near an overpass.

But the rock throwing happened in Austin back in June 2014. So far five people have been hurt by the rock-throwing punks.

It’s unclear whether the incidents are related.

“We have not been able to identify anybody in this case. I know detectives have talked to some people and witnesses but they’re having trouble identifying someone,” Austin Police Spokeswoman Veneza Bremner told KXAN after a similar attack in October.

The police are looking into putting up more security cameras. But they have trouble financing them.

“It’s crazy. You just don’t expect something like this, simply driving home,” Tina said.

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