She Thought This Home Was Abandoned. So She Ventured Inside. What She Found? UTTER DISBELIEF

Exploring old, broken, or abandoned buildings is a fun pastime of many, and it even has a special name: Urbex, or UE (for urban exploring).

One urban explorer named Leslie David came upon a home on day that she thought was abandoned, but when she entered she was surprised to find somebody living there, and the story that unfolded from the moment the two met eyes is remarkable.

The Ontario-based explorer shared her story online, and interesting photos to go along with it.

Leslie saw a red, old home with a roof that was caving in, a driveway with overgrown brush, and an interior that would cause anybody to think the home has not been lived in for years.

She was surprised to find somebody living there though, and that somebody’s name is Lawrence.


Leslie wrote that the old man had a hard time getting around.  He was blind in one eye, and had cataracts infecting the other.  Despite the surprise of seeing a stranger enter his home, though, Lawrence was more than happy to welcome Leslie, and greeted her with kindness.

Leslie was very shocked at such a welcoming response, saying, “Even after noticing a stranger essentially helping themselves to his life he was nothing but sweet and kind to me. He was even nice enough to let me take his picture which I will always treasure. He is a beautiful soul and I plan on visiting him a lot.”

Leslie made some food for Lawrence to keep over the week, because she was not sure if he was eating well, or if was even eating at all!

That night, Leslie and Lawrence shared dinner and drinks together, while Lawrence told Leslie all about his life; misadventures, successes, fortunes, and failures.

Leslie knew she was going to come back saying, “I can’t wait to share another meal with such a gentle soul. He is THE kindest man. He has melted my heart.”


Lawrence also has a hard time getting around.  He told Leslie that the week before, he suffered a stroke but took over four days to seek medical attention.  The stroke caused him to become unable to even move his hand.

Leslie knew she needed to be there for him.

This was just one of many heartbreaking stories I heard last night. He just needs a friend … Someone to make sure he’s okay … Reassure him he is loved.”


Lawrence told Leslie that his injuries started in 2000 when his hip was hurt when a bull ran into him.  He told Leslie that she is a blessing to him.

Dinner dates done right:


Leslie and Lawrence began sharing many meals together, and becoming great friends.


Leslie also helped Lawrence remove much garbage from the home, and Lawrence was more than thankful to have some extra room inside.

“I’ve managed to remove his old fridge, stove, and chest freezer, along with numerous bags of garbage and other content. This was all made possible by a very generous company and a few awesome boys with big hearts and strong lower backs. I can’t thank everyone enough for their support and generosity during this period in my life – and in his. He is beyond grateful, not just to me. He knows you are all following his story. After a few recent visits to the doctors, it’s apparent that his health is declining, rapidly. These may be the last few months I have with my friend and I plan to make them as comfortable and enjoyable for him as possible.”


Lawrence then asked Leslie if they could go to a church barbecue together, and Leslie was more than happy to go.  They both couldn’t wait.


After staying in two hospitals after his last stroke, Lawrence moved into a community retirement home, and has been doing great.

“He’s safe and warm and seems to be fairly happy to be around some new people, although I know he misses home” Leslie writes.


Lawrence has become a favorite around the home with his cheerful personality and kind smiles, especially on his birthday:


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