She Makes 1 Simple Cut To A Pair Of Leggings – What They Become Is Perfect For The Summer!


Screenshot via YouTube

Chances are you’ve got an old pair of leggings somewhere in the closet that you just fell out of love with. Here’s how to upcycle them into new apparel with a few simple steps!

Get Ready

Handimania shows you how simple it is to turn them into a crop top with a single cut! First, take the leggings and lay them out on a flat surface.


Fold The Leggings

Carefully fold over one leg so it perfectly lines up with the other.


Screenshot via YouTube

Identify Where To Cut

Identify a rough semi-circle at the crotch of the leggings.


Screenshot via YouTube

Cut Out The Crotch

Following the semi-circle you traced, cut out the crotch of the leggings.


Screenshot via YouTube

That’s It!

Believe it or not, that’s all there is to it! Slip on the leggings putting your arms through the leg holes and you’ve got a brand new crop top!


Screenshot via YouTube


Want the shirt to stop shorter on the torso or shorter sleeves? Just trim the cuffs or waist of the leggings.


Watch how simple the process is!

The Options Are Endless

Experiment with different shapes, sizes and colors of leggings to see what you like best. It’s so easy!


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