She Adopts Him When He’s A Baby. 27 Years Later, He Does THIS Behind Her Back…

This might be the most heartwarming story that I’ve ever heard. This young man, named Jordan, was placed into a foster home when he was just an infant. For the next four years, his foster mother, Ingeborg McIntosh, would fight her absolute hardest to adopt him. His birth parents had very specific qualifications for who could adopt their son, but when those qualifications couldn’t be met by anyone, McIntosh was finally able to adopt the baby that she loved with all her heart.

Twenty years later, McIntosh developed polycystic kidney disease and desperately needed a kidney transplant. Jordan, now a grown man, found out that he was a match for his adopted mother and volunteered his kidney without a second thought. Both are alive and well, and this story is one of the greatest displays of love that I have ever heard about.

Take a look at this video


It brings tears to my eyes, and I hope that more people can act as selflessly as these two. Share away, people.