Scared Abandoned Dog Was Found With A Suitcase, But When The Suitcase Opened…OMG


The Scottish SPCA found a dog named Kai abandoned on the street, tied up, and, oddest of all, accompanied by a suitcase, containing a pillow, a toy, and a food dish with food. They posted a photo of the dog as they took him to the shelter, discovering his name, age: two or three years old, and that he was micro-chipped.

They contacted the owner whose information was on the chip, but they said that they’d sold Kai in 2013. The new owner was unknown. The search continues for the new owner who abandoned Kai. As for Kai, he’s waiting at the SPCA in the care of the workers there until he finds a new owner to give him a safe and loving forever home.

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Sadly, there are all too many stories like Kai’s, and we must work towards making sure that no dog suffers like this.  Hopefully, we can make them at least have happy endings, as we look forward to Kai’s.

UPDATE: Kai has been adopted at last!

Image Credit Daily Mail

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