There’s A Major Mistake In This Puzzle. It’s Very Obvious But Most People Don’t See It. See Answer..

Although not technically an optical illusion, the image included below will test your visual perception. Kind of like the memory test, this puzzle is tricky. And it might even question your sanity…

Check it out below and try the quiz today!

Directions: The image below has an error. Your job is to find it.

Now take a look at the image and see if you can find the mistake.

Hint: Take your time and examine the puzzle closely.

Give your puzzle your best shot before you peek at the answer. Do you see the mistake? Is it glaring at you? Or is it hidden?

Check out the answer below this. Did you get it right?

The trick for many people is to read the puzzle aloud.

As you probably see, the word “the” was included in the puzzle twice. Most people think there is something wrong with the number sequence since it is colored.




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