PHOTOS: When Rescuers Found Him, They Thought It Was Too Late. But What He Looks Like Today? AMAZING

Seeing a stray dog in distress can be one of the most sad sights ever because they have no home, no support, and nowhere to go when their life is left in shambles.

This was the case with the poor pooch Gilbert.

Gilbert was found by Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue from New Mexico on the street with a condition they weren’t sure could even be operated on, but they decided to take in Gilbert anyways.


Gilbert was found with a tumor in size that nobody has ever seen before in their life.  It was almost a third of his size.


Malnourished, sick, and virtually immobile, Gilbert was left for dead if he could not be taken in.


Rescuers decided to take the chance, and rushed Gilbert to an emergency vet.  The surgeons were not sure if Gilbert should even be operated on due to his extremely sick and malnourished state, but as they were conversing on weather to try operating on him or not, Gilbert wobbled over to them and gave them the eyes, “please just try” and so that is exactly what they did.

Gilbert was able to be operated on, and the monstrous tumor was successfully removed!

Gilbert let the vets and rescue team know that he was not done fighting, and hung on to life through this incredibly tough time.

Before long, Gilbert was back to full health.   The rescue team then put him up for adoption.  He was certainly happy about that!

Before long due to his lovely personality, Gilbert was adopted by a loving family.


With love, care, good health, and compassion, Gilbert is finally living the life he deserves with his new family in his new home.

What do you think of this heart warming story?  Have you ever been a part in the life of a rescued animal?  Let us know in the comments below!


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