PHOTOS: She Used To Weigh Over 1000 Pounds But Years Later She Looks Like THIS, INCREDIBLE!

At the young age of 35 years old, Mayra Rosales has been told by doctors that she has to be bedridden and can’t participate in much physical activity due to her extreme weight.

Weighing in at over 1,000 pounds, Rosales has become one hundred percent dependent on her friends and family members to take care of her on a daily basis to do things that most 35-year-olds are capable of.

At her heaviest, Rosales officially weight in at 1,028 pounds, but what she looks like now will leave you feeling completely stunned and speechless. What anamazing transformation!

At the shocking weight of 1,028 pounds, Rosales, who is from La Joya, Texas, has been deemed one of the heaviest living people in the world.

Rosales’s incredible transformation was unfortunately inspired by tragic events. She devastatingly lost her son back in 2008 and then shortly after learned that her sister was unable to care for her own two children.

That’s when Rosales decided that she wanted to take responsibility for the children. However, in order to do that Rosales knew she had to lose a drastic amount of weight and completely change her lifestyle. Rosales made the bold decision to undergo dramatic weight loss surgery, but the first step was having a team of professionals carry her into the hospital.

See the unbelievable photos of Rosales’s transformation below. They will completely shock and stun you:



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