PHOTO: Here’s The Reason Why Everyone Can’t Stop Laughing At This Woman’s Mugshot. Can You Spot It?

In Maine, one woman was arrested for domestic violence after she took out a gun and fired it at her husband in order to win an argument.

While her use of the firearm certainly was dangerous, that’s not what’s getting national attention. It’s the t-shirt this wife was wearing when the police arrested her.

In a true display of ironic hypocrisy, the Maine woman, 38-year-old Emily Wilson was wearing a“Stop Domestic Violence” shirt when she was arrested for domestic violence.

According to The Blaze, she “fired a gun in her bedroom during an argument with her husband, who she suspected was having an affair.”

Besides the domestic violence charges, Wilson also faces charges of reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon and domestic violence assault. These are all serious charges.

To make matters worse, Wilson is a high school teacher responsible for being a role model to our next generation.

Although the irony of this woman wearing a “Stop Domestic Violence” t-shirt is funny to everyone on the outside, the humor was lost on her.

She now faces up to 5-years in prison and fines of up to $5,000 if convicted. But she might face even more time and fines if she is convicted of domestic violence.


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