No doctor believes the mother what happened with her 6 year old son. But what she films them opens his eyes.

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The 6-year-old Tyler Saunders from Old Bar, Australia, wallows sleepless in bed and screams in pain. Since its birth the boy’s body is covered by inflammatory eczema. The severe pain and the constant itching let him and his desperate parents a moment’s peace.His mother Debbie caressing him helplessly over his head. For years she maintains Tyler and see how the skin condition is getting worse. But it would be so bad that she had never dreamed.

Facebook / Debbie Maddalena Saunders

The doctors diagnose Tyler with “atopic dermatitis” – not an uncommon disease, but when Debbie tells them the intensity of the symptoms of her son, they give you no faith. To show the doctors the extent of Tyler’s pain, Debbie filming her son. Indeed Tylers life is severely limited by the dermatitis: Out of sheer pain and itch he hardly sleeps, missing more often at school and teased by other children because of his diseased skin. Debbie pulls him socks over his hands, rubbing him with creams and wraps him in wet dressings to relieve his symptoms. After 6 years Debbie has tried every possible cream and therapy and is at her wit’s end – until it hits the internet on this particular doctor.

Facebook / Dr Aron Eczema Treatment Information Page

Dr. Richard Aron is a South African dermatologist who specializes in dermatitis. Within an online consultation Dr. Aron prescribe an ointment made moisturizer, corticosteroids and antibiotics, to rub with the Debbie Tyler daily. In applying the equivalent of around 30 € expensive cream the desperate mother new hope, but with this radical transformation they did not expect.

Facebook / Debbie Maddalena Saunders

After only 2 months the eczema completely disappeared and given way to a healthy, smooth skin of children. For Tyler begins a whole new life. Free of itching and pain he can romp through the nature, traveling with his parents and live out his favorite hobby: dancing.

Facebook / Debbie Maddalena Saunders

After purchasing a license for Tyler is passionate street dancers. Part of its income he donates to a dermatitis Foundation to help other children. His parents are glad and make Facebook Ads Dr. Aron, to which they owe the wonderful her son’s recovery.

Here the Tylers see transformation as a video:

Facebook / Debbie Maddalena Saunders

Tyler’s smile is the proof that you hope never to give up – even or especially when it comes to chronic diseases. From this enabled doctor really should know all.