Neighbors Stared As She Made 8 Blue Marks On Her Garage. What They Watch Her Turn It Into? AWESOME!

If you’re looking to change up the façade of your home, you probably procrastinate because you know it’s going to cost a pretty penny.

But today, a DIYer has come up with a solution that not only makes her house look prettier, it’s actually very cost effective – not to mention easy.

Scroll down to learn how to give your garage door windows without replacing it.

On her blog Pinterest Addict, Eliesa had an epiphany. She realized how she could redo her garage door without spending a lot of money and use stuff she already had lying around from other DIY projects.

“Here is my garage yesterday morning,” Eliesa wrote, showing the before shot of her garage door. “Blah, but it works fine, so there is no need to replace it.”

Instead of buying a new one, Eliesa created the garage door she wanted for free.

“I had been scrolling through pictures online and found many examples of carriage garage doors and I love the look, but not the price,” Eliesa wrote.

That’s when genius struck! Eliesa figured out a way to get the windows on her garage door – paint them on!

She started by cleaning the garage door. Then she taped on a cross pattern. Once she had the painters tape up and the border tape, she took out a can of black paint and gave it all a coat.

After it all dried, she removed the painters tape and revealed her new garage door “windows.” The makeover looks spectacular. I don’t think anyone would know the windows are fake unless they got up really close and took a look.

“Up close, obviously, you can tell that the ‘windows’ aren’t real,” Eliesa wrote. “But even just a little distance away, it looks like the real thing.”




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