My 2nd Grader Came Home With THIS Math Question And We Couldn’t Figure It Out. Can You?

A recent exam question designed for 2nd grade students, has confused countless adults and is causing a controversy online. Thousands of people are debating the question’s answer on the internet. But is it as hard as it looks?

Scroll down to discover the test question designed for 7-year-olds that is stumping many adults.

This controversial question comes from the SATs and makes us feel sorry for 7-year-old’s.

If so many adults are struggling to get the correct answer, how can we expect our children and grandchildren to exceed in class?

Do you think the following question is that difficult to answer?

“There were some people on a train.
19 people get off the train at the first stop.
17 people get on the train.
Now there are 63 people on the train.
How many people were on the train to being with?”

This question is a bit long. It has five lines of information and 2nd grade students are pretty young.

What was your answer?

Louise Bloxham shared her reasoning on Twitter: “If you think I the answer is 65 you would be wrong.” She says the answer is 46.

But is this mother correct?

The best way to solve this problem is by working backwards.

So, 63 people minus the 17 that got on the train is 46 (Louise’s answer).

But then we add the 19 people who got off the train on the first stop and that’s 65 people.

Because Louise said that the teacher who shared the question “left her answer sheet at school,” they don’t know the correct answer yet.

Do you think adults should be confused about this 2nd grade math problem?

We hope the children are able to figure it out!

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