Mother And Daughter Sit On Balcony But Moments Later Something Crazy Happens…TERRIFYING!!!

The video of a woman mercilessly beating her frail old mother is being widely shared on social media platforms, eliciting a lot of outrage among those who have seen it. Apparently after the video went viral, the neighbour who shot the video was contacted by the police for details, however, the mother refused to give any statement.

According to reports, the 85-year-old mother was beaten by her 60-year-old daughter in Delhi’s Kalkaji area because of a quarrel over food. In the video, she can be seen abusing her mother, dragging her, slapping her and then pulling her her inside the house. The woman can also be heard shouting at the neighbour, who criticised her for beating the old woman.

Reportedly, the mother has been living with her daughter for the past 10 years after her husband passed away and this is a regular affair, the neighbours claimed. “I decided to upload the video on Facebook following which I was contacted by the police,” Preetpal Singh, the neighbour who shot the video, told The Times of India. Unfortunately, since the mother did not give any statement to the police, no action could be taken.

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