A Mom’s Worst Nightmare. She Heard Her Baby Screaming And When She Gets To His Room, She Sees THIS..

Tamara Thurgood never expected something like this to wake her up in the middle of the night.

When she checked on her son, Tyler, mom saved her sleeping boy from the python that was biting his face.

“Thursday night at about 11:30 i woke to hear tyler’s painful scream, i jumped out of bed and went to tyler to find a big effing snake wrapped around the bed head,” mom wrote on Facebook.

Mom saw a snake curled around her six-year old’s head. That’s when rage overtook the Macksville, Australia mother.

“It was a terrifying scream and I didn’t know what had happened – I certainly didn’t think it involved a snake,” she told Guardian News. Adding “I have no idea how it even got into the house.”

Mama grabbed her son and tried to free him from the reptile’s death grip.

The snake was wrapped around her son’s belly – squeezing the life out of him before mom’s eyes.

“I tried to pull Tyler from the bed but he didn’t come with me … I had to roll him, then pull,” she said.

When Thurgood got her son to safety, the reptile tried to slither away.

“I saw his face and the blood and his eyes were still closed so I don’t think he was fully awake,” she explained. “I tried to check him over but he wouldn’t let me touch him anywhere.”

Thurgood called her relatives and they came to “take care of” the snake. Mom rushed her boy to the emergency room.

“I said i wont be happy until the snake is dead!!! Id say both boys were scared but stayed there to make sure they got the bastard that attacked my son,” Thurgood writes.

Thurgood’s relatives killed the python. But mom is happier that her little boy is okay.

“He was only complaining about his finger hurting. He tapped his head on the way to hospital and he asked me why he was bleeding,” Thurgood said. “Tyler doesn’t remember anything – which is the best part.”

Experts believe that the python was probably attracted to the warmth the boy was emitting.

“They have heat sensors, and they don’t think about the size of their prey. If it’s hungry it will bite anything, and if it can’t eat it, it can’t eat it. But I don’t believe the snake was going to feast on the child … it’s all instinct, not thought processes.”


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