Mom Who Beat Her Toddler To Death Just Learned A Painful Lesson Of The Term Prison Justice

Some justice has been served for twenty-three year old prisoner Kathryn Smith. Smith, who was found guilty for murdering her 21-month old daughter in May 2014, has been sentenced to a minimum of 24 years. She is doing her time at the Foston Hall Women’s Prison, which is a federal prison located in Derbyshire, England.

After hitting her daughter Ayeeshia with so much force, the young girl died not too long after, having sustained a tear to her heart from trauma caused by a blow to her chest. The little girl had been a victim to so much force that she bit through her own tongue. While it’s unknown where her father or other family members were at the time, it seems as if the violent Kathryn Smith was unstoppable when inflicting trauma on her innocent child.

Neighbors of Smith later said that they hear the girl’s voice shouting “Stop Mummy, Stop Daddy!” But it was too late by the time she made it to the hospital. Ayeeshia died days later.

In a situation like this, prison alone isn’t enough punishment. And Smith’s fellow prisoner’s didn’t take what the murderer did lightly. Two inmates took justice into their own hands and brutally attacked the woman in a stairwell that was absent of video surveillance. While ten other inmates watched, the two women went to working beating Smith, using a homemade knife to stab her and punch her numerous times. While Smith howled in pain, the others watched for four minutes as the attack continued, resulting in a cut across her cheek that was an inch in length.

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Staff at the Folson Prison all agree that they don’t feel bad for the murderer and she deserved what she got. “What goes around comes around,” said staffers regarding the karmic incident.

“There had been a lot of talk about attacking Smith, but most people wouldn’t go through with it as they don’t want time added on to their sentences,” a source who witnessed the attack said. “But these two really went for it and left her in a bad way.”

While prison staffers deny that there was a weapon used in the attack, they admit that the attackers will receive disciplinary action.

And commenters on the story agreed that Smith got what she deserved.

“Thank them for giving her a taste of her medicine. They should be rewarded,” said one commenter.

And others added the following:

“Why would you disipline them, she got a taste of her own medicine. I hope they beat her once a week for as long as she lives!”

“I would’ve given them a reduction on their sentences.”

Everyone seemed to agree that this was definitely karma that was due to the murderer…


“Why isn’t she in for life? She deserves whatever comes her way. Peace to the wee one.”

“She got what she gave that precious baby girl. No sympathy from me… What So Ever!!”