Mom Who Adopts Dying Friend’s Six Kids Gets Life-Changing Surprise She Never Saw Coming


We all want to make sure our children grow up happy and healthy in the presence of a loving family, but what if you were not around to provide for your kids? If you are like Beth Laitkep, you make the best decision of the rest of you life.

In this amazing video from Inside Edition we get to meet Stephanie Cully and her newly expanded family. Their story will break your heart and warm it at the same time.

Beth Laitkep was fighting breast cancer and losing. On top of her personal struggle, she was a single mother with six children who were not going to have anyone to care for them. So Beth did the only thing she could think of: she asked her best friend if she and her husband would adopt her children and look after them like they were their own.

And of course, Stephanie Cully, being truly a great friend, said yes! Cullie and her husband, Don, already had three children of their own, and very quickly, a house that held five became home to eleven.

Speaking on the Rachael Ray Show, Stephanie said, “Me, being a mother, I could not imagine having to ask somebody that question. She chose me because we were very similar in our parenting styles, and she knew that I loved her kids and that my kids loved her kids.”

While it was an amazing testament to the friend’s love for each other, the addition of six new children did put a strain on the Cully’s household finances.

But, if there is anything that a lifetime of talk shows have taught us, it is that help is just a commercial break away. And in classic Daytime Emmy fashion, Rachael ray did not let down the Cullys. She presented the family of eleven with 90 thousand dollars to help out with the nine kid’s college educations!

A stunned, but relieved, Stephanie Cully says ““We’re grieving, but we know she’s with us… I’m not a saint. I’m not an angel. I’m not a hero. I just love these kids. To walk in the door and see all of them in the living room, dancing and playing and happy, that’s what it’s all about.”

Since the show aired and the segment got posted online, the internet has been blown away by the acts of kindness, From Beth bestowing her most cherished children to her best friend, to Stephanie accepting the challenge, and finally to Rachael Ray, for her generosity.

“so sweet of you to take in those children!”- Madison Holloway

“this is an amazing story! God has blessed this family with peace, love and joy. Lord keep them under your wing and protect them.”- myranda wood

“Bless them for taking all of those children as their own.”- Taylor Day

“Sooo sweet of everyone including the family and the people who gave her money”- cara low

“Poor kids losing their mam. Great friend.”- greendog

Have you ever had someone open their heart and their home like this in your life? Please share your stories with us here.